Basic Instructions to Buying Your First Record Player

You have ever listened to many songs which they are played on the record player. You love those songs. Now you want to own a record player? Check out, there are huge tips for you there. It is your first time to buying a turntable. I make sure that you also find out a lot of information about it on the internet or through your friend. However, the choice is still yours.

Basic instructions for the beginner

You want to choose a good record player and of course you will skip the record player for sale. You often think that you will not find out a good product from this. This thinking is not quite true.

In fact, it is not easy to buy a right record player especially it is in the first time with you because you have no experience as well as the actual knowledge about the record player. Therefore, some basic instructions are extremely important that you must know before buying a record player. And you will see these useful guides in this article.

How Much Money Do You Have?

Sometimes, money can not decide that you can choose the best one. However, it is a big factor which helping have a lot of different choices. You can refer some price ranges of the record players below:

  • Under 100 Dollars

If you have the low budget you still can own a record player. At this time, you must accept that it can not implement many complex functions as the best record player.

In addition, the sound quality can be affected if you use this turntable for a long time.

Beyond that, you want to upgrade some individual component of the record player this is also very difficult and limited. It seems that you have to buy a new turntable.

Therefore, you should consider carefully before you spend under 100 dollars to buy a record player. But sometimes, you know how to use properly, your record player will extend its life.

  • From 300 Dollars to 500 Dollars

You will feel the difference clearly between the record player under 100 dollars and the record player from 300 – 500 dollars.

Moreover, most of the turntables in these price ranges will allow you to upgrade the individual components easily like belt, stylus, cartridge….

  • Over 500 Dollars

You are only a beginner to use the record player. You will think that it is necessary to spend more than 500 dollars to have a turntable or not. But you will feel satisfied a turntable with the high quality, the great sound, the nice design, and good performance.

In the case, you want to hazard with this price range for buying a record player you need to ask the opinions of some experts at the local big electronic shop who have more experience than you. Or you must review some comments from the customers about the turntable which you intend to buy carefully.

Basic Features of a Record Player Which You Need to Check

As you know in a record player, it will have many features that you need to check before choose it. And three following features are considered the most important features of a turntable:

  1. USB or Non-USB

Knowing the requirement of the users, the turntable manufacturers added a new feature for the record player. It is USB port. This allows the users can transfer all songs from the record player to the computer with the big reserve.

Additionally, you can convert to the mp3 format or another digital format. This depends on your hobby.

Converting music from the record player to the computer

  1. Manual or Automatic

You must read careful book instructions to know how to use this device in properly.

  • Firstly, you must lift the tone arm and place it onto the platter.
  • Then, after playing completely you have to lift it back off.
  • Or you only push the power button to start your record player and it will play itself until the recording finish.
  • Finally, although you choose the manual turntable or automatic turntable you must note do it carefully to avoid scratching the vinyl. Because you are a beginner any careless also affects to the record player and the vinyl.
  1. Have The Upgradeability Easily

When you used your record player for a long time you will have the plan to upgrade it. Normally, most of the users will upgrade the belt, replace the tone-arm, the slip mats and change the cartridge. After upgrading, your turntable will play better and bring the better sound. Thus, you should choose a product which it can upgrade some individual component easily.

In summary, these basic instructions are very important and necessary if you are a beginner to buy a record player. Many people do not find out the product and they do not have some opinions and the personal ideas to choose a turntable the most suitable. You should avoid this situation because you will regret in the future. I hope you will have more useful tips to buy a turntable after reading this information.

Use The Headphones Properly to Protect Your Hearing

Using the headphones

We all must admit that the headphones bring the privacy world for us. They also have a lot of benefits for our jobs as well as your purpose. However, at the same time, if you do not use the headphones properly they will leave some dangers for your hearings. Understanding this risk, to support the jobs and meet the personal needs, many people must look for the best wireless earbuds. In fact, the good headphones will bring more benefits for the users. In addition, you can reduce some bad influence on the hearing with the good headphones. To prevent the bad effect and protect our hearing when wearing the headphones, this article will give the simple instruction. Through this information, I believe that you will know how to use the headphone in the right way to protect both the hearing and your health.

  1. Some Symptoms of Hearing Damage by The Headphones

The symptoms of hearing damage by the headphones

Depending on the hearing of each person and depending on the earphone usage regularly, the hearing damage symptoms also occur on the difference. Besides, some symptoms can be temporarily after the hearing exposed to the damaging situation. Thus, it is very important to detect the symptoms. From there, you will treat timely. This is a good way to recover the loss of your hearing effectively.

In our life, there are a lot of people are facing the gradual hearing loss. Normally, most of them will not pay attention to the small symptoms. Over time, they will become the heavy cases. So, the treatment is more difficult. Of course, the result of the treatment is not high. Here are some signs of the hearing damage after you expose to the loud sounds:

  • Firstly, you will feel slightly hard to hear some speech from other people. This is explained that the ears are not able to hear the specific frequency.
  • Moreover, when having a conversation with others in the noisy environment, you can not hear all clearly;
  • Additionally, your ears will have the buzzing inside.

Very uncomfortable with the buzzing inside your ears

Normally, all symptoms above will happen when you wear the headphones for a long time. Especially, you are listening to the music with the loud sounds. I make sure that you will meet these common symptoms. However, your hearing will be improved. At this time, they will adapt in a short time later. Most of the people often skip this situation. This can lead the damaging hearing forever with your ears.

  1. How to Use The Headphones Reasonably

Although the headphone can damage the hearing many people also use them. In fact, the headphones are only dangerous to the hearing when we use them in the wrong way. Therefore, you can refer to some following suggestions to use the headphones reasonably. They include:

good headphones

  • You have some common signs of the hearing loss. You should lower the volume of the headphone immediately. Also, you have to limit to use the headphones for your entertainment;
  • In the case, you have a habit to listening to your favorite songs on a busy street. You can choose a pair of the good headphones. With the high quality, all headphones have the good noise isolation. They will prevent the surrounding sounds in the best way. And you still enjoy the tunes at the healthy levels.
  • Besides, it is a good solution to abandon the habit of listening to loud music with the headphones. With the favorite songs, you should not choose the maximum level for your earphones. This is the main reason of your hearing loss.
  • Moreover, the headphones are the great invention of the technology. They will help us enjoy the music any place. They also bring the high quality sounds. What a shame to get the hearing loss when we use them improperly.
  1. Some Criteria to Know the Volume of The Headphones Safely

You want to protect your hearing however you must use the headphones in some cases for your studying, your jobs, and your entertainment. Besides, you will reduce to wear the headphones in a lot of continuous hours. You must how to set the safe volume for the headphones. It is extremely important. Actually, many people do not know this problem. They often use the available code in the headphones when they buy it from the shop. This mistake is very popular with many people. To help you have some experience to know the safe volume for the headphones, here are three essential criteria:

  • You are using the headphones. The volume is enough to hear. It is a safe volume when you can carry a conversation with other people fluently. At that time, your volume is not high to damage the hearing;
  • Your headphones can eliminate the surrounding noise very well although you are listening to the average sounds. These types of the earphones are very suitable to wear on the busy street;
  • Installing the volume of the headphones which it is your preferred level. After that, you take them out of your ears. You keep the headphones in your hands that they are extended in front of you. At this time, you can hear the music. It means your volume of your headphone is too loud. This volume level is not good for your hearing. You need to lower it immediately.

In short, to have the privacy space for doing something, wearing the headphone is a choice of many people. But we should not abuse the headphones a lot because they can affect our hearing. In addition, we need to know how to use the headphone in the right way to prevent the hearing loss. When you have some common symptoms you must treat as soon as possible. Moreover, you also adjust your habit to use the headphone reasonably. It is better to use the headphone in the safe volume. All of these things are mentioned a very detail in this writing. I think they are very valuable information which we should know. Using the headphones properly means that you are protecting your hearing and your health.

Basic Differences between The Electric Pressure Cooker and The Stovetop Pressure Cooker

You are preparing to buy a new pressure cooker and you want to choose a high quality in the best pressure cookers. However, you do not know to buy the electric pressure cooker or the stovetop pressure cooker. Actually, each type of these pressure cookers also has some advantages. Of course, they have some basic differences. Do you know these?. Through this article, I will list some main differences between two types of the pressure cookers. This will help you have more information about the pressure cooker as well as find out the right pressure cooker in your family.

Important Information about the Stovetop Pressure Cooker

stovetop pressure cooker

 Some Advantages

  • Although there are a lot of different brands of the stovetop pressure cooker we can deny that the stovetop pressure cooker is sturdier than other electrical counterparts.
  • Moreover, the stovetop pressure cookers become more practical to use in the daily cooking process. In fact, we only note the pot and its lids. They are not too complex to use.
  • In addition, you have the long handle of the pot. You can use and bring the safety when you move the stovetop pressure cooker.
  • On the other hands, the stovetop pressure cooker has a typical feature that many people really like this pot. Although the stovetop pressure cooker requires to working more than an electric pressure cooker it also has more control.
  • By controlling the pressure of the pot, you can note during your cooking process. When the temperature is so high you can only turn off the heat and release pressure rapidly. In contrast, the electric pressure cooker can not apply this way. It will switch to the warm mode when it is done the cooking. With some dishes, this is not good because you want to cook more. Thus, you must start to cook more time.

Some Disadvantages

Here are some disadvantages that you will have when using the stovetop pressure cooker as follows:

  • The big disadvantage of a stovetop pressure cooker is that you must always monitor the pressure during cooking. You need to adjust the pressure on time.
  • I think that you must stay in the kitchen to monitor its pressure. This will make you be so frustrating because there are other things to prepare for this cooking process.
  • Also, using the stovetop pressure cooker can only cook in the kitchen because sometimes, you must cook some foods which they have the strange smell or bad smell. You can cook on the outside. However, with the electric pressure cooker, you can do it easily.
  • Beyond that, you are saving the energy cost for your family. Cooking with the stovetop pressure cooker is not the good way. Even, it takes you be more energy than the electric one.

Important Information about the Electric Pressure Cooker

 electric pressure cooker

Some Advantages

Nowadays, most of the people will choose the electric pressure cooker because it brings some following advantages:

  • Convenience is considered the most important element of an electric pressure cooker. This pot will cook automatically without your stay in all the time.
  • Besides, there are a lot of great functions such as making rice, cake or yogurt. You can try your ability to cook many delicious dishes for your family.
  • You can work many different things while you are cooking with an electric pressure cooker. The operation of the electric pressure cooker is very simple.

Some Disadvantages

  • The design of the electric pressure cooker does not have the handle. This will make the cook feel difficult to move, mix and pour the food from the pot to the outside.
  • Moreover, the inner pot of an electric pressure cooker is made thinner than the pot of the stovetop pressure cooker.
  • In addition, you will be very difficult to look for the large inner pot in the electric pressure cooker. Therefore, when you want to have the large recipes the electric pressure cooker is not the great choice to you. However, with the stovetop pressure cooker can help you very well.
  • Because there are a lot of functions the electric pressure cooker will have more complex to use. Thus, it will become difficult to use with some people. When you do not have the right use you can meet some problems during cooking with this device.

In conclusion, you know some necessary things about the electric pressure cooker and the stovetop pressure cooker. These are the basic important information which you need to know. Moreover, you will have the comparison between the electric and stovetop types. Depending on your requirements and your needs, you can base on this knowledge to have the final decision. Hope you choose the most appropriate pressure cooker.

Some Important Parts in a Turntable

I make sure that you will be very satisfied if you own the best turntable. You may spend a lot of money to buy it. Or you are lucky to choose the quality record player although its price is not so high. Even, you only buy it from the promotion programs as the record player for sales. However, to ensure your device can operate well and extend the life it is very important to use properly.

Now, I will introduce some important parts in a turntable. This will help you operate your record player in the right way. In addition, this also brings a lot of useful knowledge about using a turntable.

  1. Tone-arm

The tone-arm on the vinyl record

The tone-arm will move through the record. It can move with the straight or S line. Normally, most of the tone-arm does not have the mass and no friction. That is the reason the tone-arm can move easy on the record.

Besides, some kinds of the tone-arms also resonate while playing. At this time, that sound will interweave into the music. It often happens with the cheap turntables.

  1. Cartridge

You will know the important features of the turntable cartridge through some elements as follows:

  • It is very necessary to have a good turntable cartridge because this will ensure that the record player will create the high quality sound from your device.
  • Moreover, with the traditional turntable, the cartridge will hold the needle but in the modern versions, the cartridge will hold the needle and the magnet. It has the function to transmit sound to the speakers.
  • However, with the best turntable cartridge, it sometimes does not include the needles or the magnets.
  • Additionally, when replacing the record player cartridges, it also relates to the tone-arm. Therefore, you should consider what kind of cartridges to use your tone-arm for your turntable. If you have a mistake for the inappropriate cohesion the incorrect cartridge will affect even damage your record player.
  1. Platter

The platter is the place to put the record on it before you want to start the belt drive or the direct drive system. You should choose the thick platter. This helps reduce the mechanical noises which they can mix into the music.

  1. Phono Stage

As we know, the signal of a record player will be less powerful than CD player or other digital equipment. This is a process and we often call the RIAA and apply to replace some physics of the record player. So a phono stage will add to increase the signal and apply the RIAA to equalize it.

  1. Tracking Force Gauge

Tracking Force gauge locates opposite the cartridge at the end of the tone-arm. Its role will adjust the arm and the cartridge to limit the attrition of the stylus and the record. When having the tracking force gauge, it will help your turntable avoid this situation significantly.

  1. Azimuth Adjustment

The azimuth adjustment will allow to rotating the tone-arm slightly in all directions and it is still this correctly.

  1. Drive

There are two types of drive which they are known in the record players including:

  • The Belt Drive

The elastic belt will connect the motor and the platter. This will contribute to reducing the motor noises or when the record player has some fluctuations in the speed.

  • The Direct Drive

The turntable has the direct drive. Its motor will connect directly to the platter. So the record players with the direct drive will spin faster than the turntable with the belt drive.

Besides, it supplies more torque. That is the reason most of the DJ record players use the direct drive.

  1. The Record

To help your record player can play well. Besides, you know all important parts in a good turntable you must keep your records in the good shape. It is necessary to clean and protect in the best condition. To do it, you can buy the spin clean. It is the best cheap method to keep your record safely. Under 100 dollars, you can own a spin clean. Actually, many people who use the turntable also have the high evaluation about this product.

Keeping your records in the spin clean

In conclusion, there are a lot of parts in a turntable which I do not mention yet above. However, these factors are the most important firstly which the user should know if you want your record player to operate well. When knowing this information, you will have more understanding about your device. At this time, you will care and maintain it better.

The Best Headphones – Let’s Select one for Yourself

Today, people are suffering plenty of pressure in their life – the family, work, or the issue of the economy. Consequently, they often find some kinds of the entertainment, including the music. And the device comes with it that is being enjoyed – the headphones. Due to the headphones, you are able to listen to any kinds of music that you’d like and are not afraid to disturb others. Consequently, to pick up the best headphones for yourself, it can be a challenging problem because there are many options for you on the market today.

Best Headphones

Are you looking for the best wireless earbuds for working out? Would you like to buy the closed headphones or the open headphones? Wire or wireless? How is a pair of the noise canceling headphones? There are common issues of the majority of people when choosing to purchase one. If you feel confused and want to find a right headphone, this article will be able to be useful for you.

The Best Headphones – Let’s select one for yourself

The design of the headphones

At present, there are four fundamental types of the headphones that include closed, open, canal, and ear buds. The style is one of the essential issues for what you have intended as well as whatever amount money you need to spend.

  • The closed headphones

Variety of the Headphone Designs

This type of the headphones is pretty heavy. It makes you think of the image of the studio musicians and sets of the stereo from the 1970s. Nonetheless, these headphones are excellent in case you want to block the noise around. They not only help to prevent the external sound but also help to keep the getting audio effectively. Therefore, if you want to concentrate on work and study without annoying other anyone else, these headphones will be a great selection.

  • The open headphones

When mentioning to these headphones, they are relatively light. Even though they have the high-quality sound, they cannot likely prevent the noise surrounding. Beyond that, this pair of the headphones also emits a little noise, so it can cause bothering for anyone, who sits beside you. Whether these headphones are not sturdy in comparison with the closed headphones, they can bring to you the comfort.

  • The ear buds

There is a tiny couple of the headphones, which are designed in place with a band or clip. You will be able to get the light headphones, but the sound is not necessary. These headphones have not owned the quality sound, so you are highly likely that takes much time to choose the really suitable headphones for yourself.

  • The canal headphones

It can say that these headphones are the smallest of 4 headphone types. The difference from the ear buds, the canal headphones can be fitted the ear canal yours that do not need to support any clips or bands. Thanks to the ability to block the outside noise, so you can enjoy the great sound quality.


You can choose to purchase the headphones, which are wireless or the short wire in order to connect to the TV, CD, MP3 player, stereo, and other music devices. Frequently, the wire type is limited. Occasionally, you will be able to have a little complex unless you are less moving the entire time of the hearing. There is a reason why plenty of people choose to utilize the wireless headphones. The wireless type utilizes the infrared technology or radio signal. To be able to move anywhere in your home, you ought to select to use this type of headphones – the wireless headset. In that way, you can experience the infrared technology as well as the radio signal – the new technological model.

Beneficial Wireless Headphones

On the other hand, if your work environment often contacts the noise, the noise canceling headphones will be the best option for yourself. By the way, you combine with a microphone. At that time, not only the noise is prevented better but also you can clearly hear. They may be heavy compared to others, but they are very beneficial in the concentration.

Finally, let’s be based on the above memo to choose to purchase the best headphones for yourself.

Frozen Vegetables & Fruit for Your Cooler Summer

Even operations without French frying equipment can participate in the public’s desire for French fries with the special oven finish frozen cut potatoes. These are pre-cooked French fries that are designed to be baked crisp in an oven, retaining the taste and texture of a deep fried potato. Customers for these fries are schools, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions. Hash brown potatoes and cottage fries have become an entree for many other types of foodservice. Coffee shops and family restaurants, specializing m breakfasts, are excellent customers for these types of potatoes.The big seven of frozen vegetables in foodservice are potatoes, corn, green peas, carrots, green and wax beans, broccoli, and spinach. Other vegetables that are popular with foodservice operators, but that don’t approach the high volume of the seven above are mixed vegetables, lima beans, cauliflower, zucchini, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, and onions. New on the market are mixed frozen vegetables and pasta. Italian pasta shapes are used. This dish is aimed at the healthy food trend, where pasta is valued for its complex carbohydrates and vegetables for their low calorie, high vitamin, and mineral content.



Frozen corn is available in both whole kernel and on the cob. A growing amount of corn on the cob is being sold in the foodservice field as processing methods have improved to produce a product that approaches the quality and texture of the fresh vegetable. Fast-food operations, in particular have been investigating the sales pull of fresh frozen corn on the cob, and a number of equipment manufacturers have developed machines that keep the product both at serving temperature and on display at the same time. In-office and in-plant food operations have also found corn on the cob a big draw at cafeteria lines.


French fries are a major volume item on the menu of almost every fast-food outlet with few exceptions. It’s the great variety of foodservice potato styles that makes the French fry a favorite with operators. By proper selection, each one can have an almost “signature” potato to serve. There are normal, thick, and thin regular straight cuts. There are shoestring and several varieties of crinkle cuts. Ranch or farm cuts, including a number of newer items with skin on, make it possible for French fries to be sold by operators who don’t want to fit into the “me-too” category. There are even bite-size portions that may be served as hors d’oeuvres.

Potato skins have survived their fad status and are still steady movers in most markets. These are thin outer “shells” of potato with the skin intact. They are served stuffed,” with a layer of some type of filling or deep fried to be used as finger food snacks.

Peas and Green Beans

Peas and Green Beans

Frozen peas most closely can approach the appearance and taste of the freshly hulled product. For this reason, green peas are the third most popular vegetable in the frozen food line. Peas are also used in mixtures, such as peas and carrots and peas with onions, which operators feature as side dishes.

Green beans are also a mainstay of the vegetable menu. Both cut and whole beans are popular and Italian or wax beans are also available.

A number of vegetables are available as individually quick frozen or frozen together in a block. The major advantage to the loose pack of individually frozen product is that it can be divided into smaller amounts more easily and such packs are quicker to heat than a solid block. Where the entire amount is to be prepared at the same time, particularly in a steamer, the difference between individually quick frozen and solid frozen packs does not matter much to the operator.


Frozen Fruit

Frozen Fruit

The main five fruits that are sold to the foodservice industry are strawberries, cherries, apples, peaches, and blueberries. The biggest volume is in strawberries, both in IQF and sliced types. These are used in everything from cereal to fancy desserts.

Other popular fruits in order of importance are raspberries (both black and red), blackberries, apricots, sweet cherries, grapes, and boysenberries. Frozen mixed fruit has become a high-volume item in foodservice. The standard blend consists of sliced peaches, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and red seedless grapes, available either IQF or in syrup pack. The increase in use of strawberries by foodservice operators can be traced to the IQF packs of berries, which make it easy to use the whole berry on a dessert or as a garnish.

Red sour pitted cherries are primarily used in baking, particularly for pies and tarts. A big item in canned goods, the use of frozen RSP cherries has been growing over the past decade as foodservice operators with their own baking shops choose the fresher, firmer textured frozen fruit.

  • Frozen apples are available in both sliced and quartered form, with a growing use of bakers,” which are whole, cored apples with the skin on, ready for baking, or already baked and only awaiting heating to serve.
  • Frozen peaches are available in halves, slices, or diced. Again, primarily for baking use, both cling and freestone varieties are available.

The largest quantity of blueberries frozen for foodservice trade goes into baking. But there is an increasing use on breakfast cereals and as a dessert dish.

Selling Frozen Fruit & Vegetables

While there is not an exact counterpart for every canned fruit and vegetable item in the distributor’s stock, frozen fruit and vegetables provide a fresher, more elegant alternative to any operator who has been depending upon canned product for his menu. In addition, the still-growing popularity of salad bars opens up new opportunities for sales of frozen green beans and cut corn.

Frozen Green Beans

An area in which at least some operators still require education is in proper preparation of frozen vegetables. Many still tend to overcook them. Suggest steaming or microwaving frozen vegetables. If they are to be held on a steam table, the setting should be reduced from 190′ to 160’F, the proper holding temperature.

You can see: What Is IQF? (Definition and Examples)

Bring Your Heathy Meals with Shrimp

Shrimp are crustaceans, related to lobsters, crabs, and crayfish. Their shells are formed in plates that permit movement of the body; in fact, the shell is a shrimp’s skeleton. There are a number of different crustaceans known as shrimp, all of them related, no matter how distantly. More than a dozen varieties of the ten-legged sea creatures are sold as shrimp in this country.


Because of Americans’ seemingly insatiable taste for shrimp, domestic fisheries now supply less than half of the market. Countries from around the world are exporting large quantities of shrimp to this country. Tiger shrimp from the Orient, white and brown “farmed” shrimp from South America, giant white shrimp from mainland China-all are found on foodservice menus across the nation.

Major import sources are Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines. The shrimp was known and prized as a gourmet treat in ancient Greece. One of the earliest recipes for a Greek dish was for preparing shrimp in a wine sauce. The Romans liked highly salted shrimp as appetizers to build a thirst for wine-a counterpart of our hors d’oeuvres used during the cocktail hour.

There Is a Lot of Misinformation about Shrimp

Today, a prawn is a specific type of shrimp-like crustacean, yet it has become the commonly used name for any large shrimp. Actually, most shrimp belong to the family Crangonidae, suborder Penaeus, while real prawns belong to the suborder Pandalus. Scampi is another name that has been twisted to mean something else. Originally, the scampi was a close relative of the shrimp that was caught only in the Adriatic Sea around Venice. It belongs to the family Nephrops Norvegicus, and is a large creature with an orangish shell and whitish legs. It also exists in slightly different form as the langoustine of France (caught in the Mediterranean) and the Dublin Bay Prawn (caught along the Irish Coast). Yet, when you see “scampi” on the menu in an American restaurant it means large shrimp sautéed in a garlic sauce ! Shrimp are actually found in every part of the world. There are even fresh water shrimp, although they are very small and not used for food-except by fish and other aquatic creatures. It’s nothing for a female shrimp to spawn a half million eggs. But the supply of shrimp is uneven, and man has depleted huge spawning grounds through over-fishing. Weather and poisonous plaques that attack microscopic life forms upon which the shrimp feed are also responsible for th shrimp catches. This is a problem of the whole seafood industry because-despite successes in shrimp farming in more than 30 countries-most of the U.S. supply still relies upon unpredictable catches of wild stock.

Shrimp Dish

Shrimp canning began in a floating cannery off the Louisiana coast in 1867, just after the Civil War had ended. The first cans were rejected by customers because the shrimp turned black within a short time after canning. The producers soon determined this was because of a chemical reaction between the flesh of the shrimp and the tin coating on the can that only occurred when the shrimp meat actually came into contact with the tin.

Soon all the cans were being lined with a parchment paper, which prevented contact between the shrimp and the tin and the problem solved. Some foreign canners still use the parchment lining for canned shrimp. The real impetus to the shrimping industry began with freezing, which grew to commercial proportions after World War 11. The majority of all shrimp used in the institutional trade today are frozen. Uses range from appetizers, such as the shrimp cocktail, through salads and soups to a wide variety of exciting entrees.

Processing Of Frozen Raw Headless Shrimp

For years, frozen raw headless shrimp (known as green shrimp) were the basic product used by foodservice operators. Today, however, peeled and deveined shrimp have taken a major portion of the volume, and breaded (or battered) shrimp account for a growing portion of sales.

Frozen Raw Headless Shrimp

Certain shrimp are demanded in green form by operators. The most popular is the Tiger shrimp from the Orient. In its green form it has a black and white mottled shell, which resembles the stripes of a tiger. A large shrimp, the Tiger shrimp has become a trendy item in casual dining and seafood operations.

Most of the U.S. catch of shrimp consists of three species. There are white shrimp (Penaeus setiferus), pink shrimp (Penaeus duorarum), and brown shrimp (Penaeus aztecus). Although the color refers to the appearance of the shells before cooking, after cooking the shells are all a shade of pink (ranging from light to a dark, almost red shade), and the flesh of the shrimp takes on a similar color on its outer surface. Inside, the color is usually a yellowish white to white.

There is little difference between the tastes of the various types of shrimp, although there is some difference in textures. The brown shrimp, formerly considered less desirable because of a “softer” texture, is now being used for most breaded shrimp, where the soft texture receives the best acceptance from diners.

Atlantic Coast fishing is done in bays and in-shore shoal waters. The fishing season is usually from May to November and from June to December in Florida. In the Gulf of Mexico, the shrimp harvest runs throughout the year, but the peak harvest seasons are in the summer and the fall. Shrimp are trawled for. That is, a net is dragged along the bottom behind the boat, and the shrimp are scooped up from where they rest on the bottom. An average “drag” lasts about 1.5 hours.

When the shrimp are hauled aboard they are quickly stowed m the hold and either iced thoroughly to preserve freshness and flavor, or many vessels are equipped with a blast freezer or brine freezer tanks where the shrimp are frozen solid. On some vessels, the shrimp are beheaded immediately after catching, and are then frozen for shipment to the market, but most of them go back to processing plants at the harbor sites.

Peeled and Deveined Sets

The industry uses two or three different sets of initials to describe frozen shrimp. IQF stands for individually quick frozen, of course. But many operators ask what PDQ stands for. It is peeled, deveined, and quick frozen. Another combination is PDC, which stands for peeled, deveined, and cooked. All three types are usually frozen loose and dipped in water after freezing to protect them from dehydration, although more and more processors are providing unglazed shrimp for the foodservice trade, particularly in the cooked variety. Glazed shrimp generally weigh about 15 percent more than unglazed shrimp. It takes about two to two-and-a-half pounds of “green” shrimp to make one pound of PDC shrimp.

Breaded Jumbo Shrimp

Jumbo Shrimp

Most breaded shrimp come in one of the three larger sizes: extra jumbo, jumbo, and extra large. Jumbo is the most commonly used for foodservice. Most breaded shrimp have about 30 percent to 50 percent of the weight made up of the batter or breading. By federal law, processors cannot use more than 50 percent by weight of breading.

Packs Shrimp in Food Service Industry

For foodservice use, canned shrimp usually come in one- or five-pound cans. This represents the weight of “dry pack” (without any brine), or the net drained weight of “wet pack’ shrimp (which are packed in a salt brine).

Frozen shrimp are available in a variety of pack sizes, largely determined by the policies of the particular processor. Some of these include 2.5-pound, 4-pound, 5-pound, and 10pound packages. A few manufacturers are packing IQF shrimp, peeled and deveined, in plastic bags, which are then packed cases of about 25 to 50 pounds. Breaded shrimp are packed in 4- 5-and-7-pound boxes. Again, the size of the pack is largely at the discretion of the individual packer or the importer.

Uses Shrimp into Heathy Meals

Almost every country in the world, particularly those that lie along a sea coast, has some shrimp dishes in its national cuisine. And today, with the development of quick freezing at the point of catch and the ability to send frozen product to every comer of the world, shrimp are available almost everywhere. Canned shrimp are considered a great delicacy in the midst of the Sahara Desert, where caravans bring supplies to wealthy desert sheiks. On the steppes of Siberia canned shrimp caught by Russian shrimp fleets in the Bering Sea and along the North Sea coastal waters, as well as those ranging far afield into the North Atlantic shelf off the United States, are a major item of commerce. Any shrimp from Alaska, Japan, and the New England coast make excellent canapes, and because the cost of shrimp increases with the size, these tiny shrimp make an excellent and less expensive shrimp salad.

Shrimp Salad

Suggest to your customers that tiny shrimp be substituted for larger shrimp in any dish where the shrimp is used as an ingredient, such as a shrimp bisque or in a chopped shrimp and egg sandwich. In many operations, such dishes as shrimp Creole or shrimp curry may be made with smaller shrimp. The larger sizes must be used in such dishes as shrimp tempura, shrimp cocktail, shrimp Newburg, or a fried shrimp platter. But it is surprising the amount of smaller shrimp that may be used in combination with larger shrimp in many of the dishes that are prepared in a sauce or mixed with other seafood items.

Should We Study With Music?

Have you ever tried listening to music while studying?

Students’ Studying and Their Habit with Music

At least once, we have already seen or done it. The question is that using music while studying is good or bad? A number of students said that they learnt faster and more productive. The music helps learners find out their motivation and learning in exciting environment. Some of them even insist on the benefits of hearing their songs whenever they do homework and can not do efficiently without music. In contrast, the others claim that they can not study with music because it makes them hard to concentrate on their tasks. They just want to pull out of those plugs and turn the player off. Even though how careful they choose the device from some record player reviews. Some of new research indicates that doing multi-task can lead to lack of concentration and using wrong information in the brain storage.

Scientific Evidences in Music and Studying

  • The University of California

In 2006, a number of researchers of the university in Los Angeles (University of California) found that using music to study has some negative effect in studying. They used a kind of image relating to magnetic resonance in the research. Through this kind of technology, all activities in each parts of our brain are illustrated clearly. The result indicated that while the music was possible for those who learn under multi-tasking condition and non-multi-tasking one. It is said that multi-tasking estimated in less adaptable knowledge. The kinds we memorize under two types of conditions was so different.


According to the research, people who hear music sounds while studying got some distraction in their brain. It also causes the region which is not suitable for comprehension and long period of time memory. At the result, recurring exact types of data is quite hard. However, try informing that to high school or university student. It might not be the thing they expected to listen to.

  • The University of Wales in Cardiff, United Kingdom

Another result was released in 2012. The research implemented by various researchers figured out how listening to music affects on studying. There is a number of volunteers take part in the test. Their task is that they have to study when exposed to many kinds of music: light music, their favorite music and even disfavored music.

As the same result, this study illustrated the information which was not regarded to the types of music. The subjects used in the test including Chemistry, Math, and Language could be inhibited by the soundtracks. As a consequence, the information would be difficult to recall if it occurred for a long period of time before. To reduce these negative effects, students should not listen to music while studying, it would be better if they learned in quiet.

Music in Classes

Nowadays, in various classes, teachers tend to play music while the students are doing their tasks. Even though the kinds of music in fluctuated, students sometimes do not like some of the music types. To be more exact, it becomes a distractor. It means that the music does not reach its purpose, even brings them difficulty in the task complement. This is the thing most of teachers should be aware of.

Listen To Music without Lyrics While Studying

It would be better if you listen to music without lyrics while studying. It will help us relax, ease our stress and more concentrate on our tasks compared with using the music includes lyrics. Everything has its benefits and drawbacks. By using it in right way, appropriate purpose will bring us abundant of accomplishments. Whether which types of music you select are, you should choose a high quality record to preform your songs. Looking at some record player reviews might be a great suggestion for that.

Cooking for a Crowd? Tips on Using a Commercial Kitchen


When you’re cooking for people, you have more than just a cooking to do. Maintaining a commercial kitchen is not easy as there’s more in it compared to a home-kitchen. The cooking space is a lot larger with plenty of commercial kitchen equipment and a number of chefs, cooks and helpers who should be supplied with each and every ingredient in the respective menu.

Add a few more things to these basics and they’ll make a perfect combination to entertain hundreds of guests out there every single day. You need to have the best equipment, or the modern-day pressure cookers that always come handy during peak hours. Read our pressure cooker reviews to find the suitable option for your commercial kitchen.

So what does it take to manage a commercial kitchen? How should you use it to get the best out of it? This post will guide you through the basics of food safety. If you’re new to professional cooking, you should also be aware of how to make yourself comfortable with the environment as quickly as you can.

Let’s go for it then.

Food Safety in Commercial Kitchen

Food Safety

professional cooking is so important that ignorance to it may end up your business for good. Here are few things you should do:

  1. Train Your Staff

All the staff should be properly trained and should be aware of the food safety guidelines. If a health inspector finds that the kitchen is short of knowledge, you’ll be fined heavily for it. So, hire a certified staff or have them certified for food safety.

  1. Take Care of Your Hands

Make a rule of washing hands before preparing or serving meals. Dirty hands are the major factor in causing food

  1. Keep All Produce Clean

Make sure to wash the produce before cooking or serving, in order to remove bacteria on the surface.

  1. Keep All the Surfaces Clean

Surfaces of countertops, utensils, cutting boards, pans and pots that are mostly in contact with the food should be properly cleaned before use. Sanitize them regularly.

  1. Maintain Appropriate Temperature

The food must be cleaned of any bacteria or germs. The best way to do that is to cook the food on minimum internal temperature required by it and it should sustain this temperature for 15 seconds or more. If there is a budget, I suggest you invest in a best pressure canner because it is the best tool to preserve food.

  1. Check Temperatures

The food stored in refrigeration units in your professional cooking or inside the warming equipment, must be checked after every 2 hours. Instead of checking all food items in detail, check the thermometer on the equipment to make sure the food items are in safe zone.

  1. For Refrigerated Foods

Your commercial kitchen refrigerator must maintain a temperature of less than 40oF. On this temperature, the bacteria growth is minimal. Make sure to use or dispose of refrigerated food before it goes unhygienic.

  1. Conduct Self Inspections

The best way to maintain high food quality is through self-inspection. You can walk through the premises and kitchen once in a week taking note of anything that may cause threat to food safety. Search the web or ask health inspectors to get the forms with all food safety standards and instructions.

  1. Inspect Your Supplies

The food supplies are prone to contamination because of many steps involved in supply chain. So, buy your stuff from reliable and authentic source and inspect your supplies regularly.

  1. Health Codes

Last but not the least, you should be aware of the local health codes. Knowing local and state health codes will save you from heavy penalties.

Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Cooking

Commercial Cooking

You may be new to professional cooking and you want to make a good impression to secure your place. These pro-tips will help you survive in any commercial kitchen, large or small.

  1. Do Come Prepared

As a new addition to the commercial kitchen, the first thing you should do is to get yourself acquainted with all the menus, and master those that you haven’t worked on before. Check who’s the real boss and read about his whereabouts. It will help you learn what kind of situation you will face when you get inside.

  1. Do Stay Calm Under Stress

The kitchen environment during peak hours is full of stress and tension with multiple requests coming in and many recipes going out every minute. If you lose your concentration and composure, you’ll get no less than a push out of the back door. Stay relaxed and enjoy, because this stress will not last more than an hour or so.

  1. Do Move Deliberately

The best way to show you’re on top of the things is by moving deliberately. Running like a damned chicken will reflect you as a fool who knows nothing of commercial kitchen. At the same time, the more you move, the less productive you are. So, break down your activities into small steps and minimize your movement to give yourself extra time for production.

  1. Do Take Note of Your Surroundings

Needless to say, you have to be extra cautious while working in a crowded kitchen with a limited space for yourself. You need to inform your colleagues where you are while moving from here to there. So, they should take necessary steps to avoid any accident.

  • While moving around the corner, shout “Corner”
  • If you have a sharp knife and you’re passing by your colleague, shout “Sharp” to alert him/her
  • If someone’s in front of you, say ‘Behind” to alert him
  • If you walk with a hot pot, say “Hot” so that others give you a clear way to mve.
  1. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Clarification

If you don’t know the details, better ask for clarification. It’s better than being unsure of what’s expected of you. As a starter questions are expected of you, and you will understand gradually how to follow your head chef’s instructions.

  1. Don’t Play Over-Smart

You may have a good vocabulary of French culinary. You may know more terms than anyone in the kitchen. However, if you try to show your intelligence when they don’t want to hear, you’re asking for trouble. Chefs don’t like to hear anything that’s not relevant to them, or anything that doesn’t look practical to them.

  1. Don’t Make Unnecessary Noise

Since you’re new to the environment, try not to talk until you’re told to. By keeping quite, you will understand the environment better and learn when to talk and what things to discuss with your colleagues. Otherwise, you’ll only make a fool of yourself.