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Some Important Parts in a Turntable

I make sure that you will be very satisfied if you own the best turntable. You may spend a lot of money to buy it. Or you are lucky to choose the quality record player although its price is not so high. Even, you only buy it from the promotion programs as the record player for sales. However, to ensure your device can operate well and extend the life it is very important to use properly.

Now, I will introduce some important parts in a turntable. This will help you operate your record player in the right way. In addition, this also brings a lot of useful knowledge about using a turntable.

  1. Tone-arm

The tone-arm on the vinyl record

The tone-arm will move through the record. It can move with the straight or S line. Normally, most of the tone-arm does not have the mass and no friction. That is the reason the tone-arm can move easy on the record.

Besides, some kinds of the tone-arms also resonate while playing. At this time, that sound will interweave into the music. It often happens with the cheap turntables.

  1. Cartridge

You will know the important features of the turntable cartridge through some elements as follows:

  • It is very necessary to have a good turntable cartridge because this will ensure that the record player will create the high quality sound from your device.
  • Moreover, with the traditional turntable, the cartridge will hold the needle but in the modern versions, the cartridge will hold the needle and the magnet. It has the function to transmit sound to the speakers.
  • However, with the best turntable cartridge, it sometimes does not include the needles or the magnets.
  • Additionally, when replacing the record player cartridges, it also relates to the tone-arm. Therefore, you should consider what kind of cartridges to use your tone-arm for your turntable. If you have a mistake for the inappropriate cohesion the incorrect cartridge will affect even damage your record player.
  1. Platter

The platter is the place to put the record on it before you want to start the belt drive or the direct drive system. You should choose the thick platter. This helps reduce the mechanical noises which they can mix into the music.

  1. Phono Stage

As we know, the signal of a record player will be less powerful than CD player or other digital equipment. This is a process and we often call the RIAA and apply to replace some physics of the record player. So a phono stage will add to increase the signal and apply the RIAA to equalize it.

  1. Tracking Force Gauge

Tracking Force gauge locates opposite the cartridge at the end of the tone-arm. Its role will adjust the arm and the cartridge to limit the attrition of the stylus and the record. When having the tracking force gauge, it will help your turntable avoid this situation significantly.

  1. Azimuth Adjustment

The azimuth adjustment will allow to rotating the tone-arm slightly in all directions and it is still this correctly.

  1. Drive

There are two types of drive which they are known in the record players including:

  • The Belt Drive

The elastic belt will connect the motor and the platter. This will contribute to reducing the motor noises or when the record player has some fluctuations in the speed.

  • The Direct Drive

The turntable has the direct drive. Its motor will connect directly to the platter. So the record players with the direct drive will spin faster than the turntable with the belt drive.

Besides, it supplies more torque. That is the reason most of the DJ record players use the direct drive.

  1. The Record

To help your record player can play well. Besides, you know all important parts in a good turntable you must keep your records in the good shape. It is necessary to clean and protect in the best condition. To do it, you can buy the spin clean. It is the best cheap method to keep your record safely. Under 100 dollars, you can own a spin clean. Actually, many people who use the turntable also have the high evaluation about this product.

Keeping your records in the spin clean

In conclusion, there are a lot of parts in a turntable which I do not mention yet above. However, these factors are the most important firstly which the user should know if you want your record player to operate well. When knowing this information, you will have more understanding about your device. At this time, you will care and maintain it better.