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Basic Differences between The Electric Pressure Cooker and The Stovetop Pressure Cooker

You are preparing to buy a new pressure cooker and you want to choose a high quality in the best pressure cookers. However, you do not know to buy the electric pressure cooker or the stovetop pressure cooker. Actually, each type of these pressure cookers also has some advantages. Of course, they have some basic differences. Do you know these?. Through this article, I will list some main differences between two types of the pressure cookers. This will help you have more information about the pressure cooker as well as find out the right pressure cooker in your family.

Important Information about the Stovetop Pressure Cooker

stovetop pressure cooker

 Some Advantages

  • Although there are a lot of different brands of the stovetop pressure cooker we can deny that the stovetop pressure cooker is sturdier than other electrical counterparts.
  • Moreover, the stovetop pressure cookers become more practical to use in the daily cooking process. In fact, we only note the pot and its lids. They are not too complex to use.
  • In addition, you have the long handle of the pot. You can use and bring the safety when you move the stovetop pressure cooker.
  • On the other hands, the stovetop pressure cooker has a typical feature that many people really like this pot. Although the stovetop pressure cooker requires to working more than an electric pressure cooker it also has more control.
  • By controlling the pressure of the pot, you can note during your cooking process. When the temperature is so high you can only turn off the heat and release pressure rapidly. In contrast, the electric pressure cooker can not apply this way. It will switch to the warm mode when it is done the cooking. With some dishes, this is not good because you want to cook more. Thus, you must start to cook more time.

Some Disadvantages

Here are some disadvantages that you will have when using the stovetop pressure cooker as follows:

  • The big disadvantage of a stovetop pressure cooker is that you must always monitor the pressure during cooking. You need to adjust the pressure on time.
  • I think that you must stay in the kitchen to monitor its pressure. This will make you be so frustrating because there are other things to prepare for this cooking process.
  • Also, using the stovetop pressure cooker can only cook in the kitchen because sometimes, you must cook some foods which they have the strange smell or bad smell. You can cook on the outside. However, with the electric pressure cooker, you can do it easily.
  • Beyond that, you are saving the energy cost for your family. Cooking with the stovetop pressure cooker is not the good way. Even, it takes you be more energy than the electric one.

Important Information about the Electric Pressure Cooker

 electric pressure cooker

Some Advantages

Nowadays, most of the people will choose the electric pressure cooker because it brings some following advantages:

  • Convenience is considered the most important element of an electric pressure cooker. This pot will cook automatically without your stay in all the time.
  • Besides, there are a lot of great functions such as making rice, cake or yogurt. You can try your ability to cook many delicious dishes for your family.
  • You can work many different things while you are cooking with an electric pressure cooker. The operation of the electric pressure cooker is very simple.

Some Disadvantages

  • The design of the electric pressure cooker does not have the handle. This will make the cook feel difficult to move, mix and pour the food from the pot to the outside.
  • Moreover, the inner pot of an electric pressure cooker is made thinner than the pot of the stovetop pressure cooker.
  • In addition, you will be very difficult to look for the large inner pot in the electric pressure cooker. Therefore, when you want to have the large recipes the electric pressure cooker is not the great choice to you. However, with the stovetop pressure cooker can help you very well.
  • Because there are a lot of functions the electric pressure cooker will have more complex to use. Thus, it will become difficult to use with some people. When you do not have the right use you can meet some problems during cooking with this device.

In conclusion, you know some necessary things about the electric pressure cooker and the stovetop pressure cooker. These are the basic important information which you need to know. Moreover, you will have the comparison between the electric and stovetop types. Depending on your requirements and your needs, you can base on this knowledge to have the final decision. Hope you choose the most appropriate pressure cooker.