Basic Instructions to Buying Your First Record Player

By | August 5, 2017

You have ever listened to many songs which they are played on the record player. You love those songs. Now you want to own a record player? Check out, there are huge tips for you there. It is your first time to buying a turntable. I make sure that you also find out a lot of information about it on the internet or through your friend. However, the choice is still yours.

Basic instructions for the beginner

You want to choose a good record player and of course you will skip the record player for sale. You often think that you will not find out a good product from this. This thinking is not quite true.

In fact, it is not easy to buy a right record player especially it is in the first time with you because you have no experience as well as the actual knowledge about the record player. Therefore, some basic instructions are extremely important that you must know before buying a record player. And you will see these useful guides in this article.

How Much Money Do You Have?

Sometimes, money can not decide that you can choose the best one. However, it is a big factor which helping have a lot of different choices. You can refer some price ranges of the record players below:

  • Under 100 Dollars

If you have the low budget you still can own a record player. At this time, you must accept that it can not implement many complex functions as the best record player.

In addition, the sound quality can be affected if you use this turntable for a long time.

Beyond that, you want to upgrade some individual component of the record player this is also very difficult and limited. It seems that you have to buy a new turntable.

Therefore, you should consider carefully before you spend under 100 dollars to buy a record player. But sometimes, you know how to use properly, your record player will extend its life.

  • From 300 Dollars to 500 Dollars

You will feel the difference clearly between the record player under 100 dollars and the record player from 300 – 500 dollars.

Moreover, most of the turntables in these price ranges will allow you to upgrade the individual components easily like belt, stylus, cartridge….

  • Over 500 Dollars

You are only a beginner to use the record player. You will think that it is necessary to spend more than 500 dollars to have a turntable or not. But you will feel satisfied a turntable with the high quality, the great sound, the nice design, and good performance.

In the case, you want to hazard with this price range for buying a record player you need to ask the opinions of some experts at the local big electronic shop who have more experience than you. Or you must review some comments from the customers about the turntable which you intend to buy carefully.

Basic Features of a Record Player Which You Need to Check

As you know in a record player, it will have many features that you need to check before choose it. And three following features are considered the most important features of a turntable:

  1. USB or Non-USB

Knowing the requirement of the users, the turntable manufacturers added a new feature for the record player. It is USB port. This allows the users can transfer all songs from the record player to the computer with the big reserve.

Additionally, you can convert to the mp3 format or another digital format. This depends on your hobby.

Converting music from the record player to the computer

  1. Manual or Automatic

You must read careful book instructions to know how to use this device in properly.

  • Firstly, you must lift the tone arm and place it onto the platter.
  • Then, after playing completely you have to lift it back off.
  • Or you only push the power button to start your record player and it will play itself until the recording finish.
  • Finally, although you choose the manual turntable or automatic turntable you must note do it carefully to avoid scratching the vinyl. Because you are a beginner any careless also affects to the record player and the vinyl.
  1. Have The Upgradeability Easily

When you used your record player for a long time you will have the plan to upgrade it. Normally, most of the users will upgrade the belt, replace the tone-arm, the slip mats and change the cartridge. After upgrading, your turntable will play better and bring the better sound. Thus, you should choose a product which it can upgrade some individual component easily.

In summary, these basic instructions are very important and necessary if you are a beginner to buy a record player. Many people do not find out the product and they do not have some opinions and the personal ideas to choose a turntable the most suitable. You should avoid this situation because you will regret in the future. I hope you will have more useful tips to buy a turntable after reading this information.

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