Should We Study With Music?

By | December 26, 2015

Have you ever tried listening to music while studying?

Students’ Studying and Their Habit with Music

At least once, we have already seen or done it. The question is that using music while studying is good or bad? A number of students said that they learnt faster and more productive. The music helps learners find out their motivation and learning in exciting environment. Some of them even insist on the benefits of hearing their songs whenever they do homework and can not do efficiently without music. In contrast, the others claim that they can not study with music because it makes them hard to concentrate on their tasks. They just want to pull out of those plugs and turn the player off. Even though how careful they choose the device from some record player reviews. Some of new research indicates that doing multi-task can lead to lack of concentration and using wrong information in the brain storage.

Scientific Evidences in Music and Studying

  • The University of California

In 2006, a number of researchers of the university in Los Angeles (University of California) found that using music to study has some negative effect in studying. They used a kind of image relating to magnetic resonance in the research. Through this kind of technology, all activities in each parts of our brain are illustrated clearly. The result indicated that while the music was possible for those who learn under multi-tasking condition and non-multi-tasking one. It is said that multi-tasking estimated in less adaptable knowledge. The kinds we memorize under two types of conditions was so different.


According to the research, people who hear music sounds while studying got some distraction in their brain. It also causes the region which is not suitable for comprehension and long period of time memory. At the result, recurring exact types of data is quite hard. However, try informing that to high school or university student. It might not be the thing they expected to listen to.

  • The University of Wales in Cardiff, United Kingdom

Another result was released in 2012. The research implemented by various researchers figured out how listening to music affects on studying. There is a number of volunteers take part in the test. Their task is that they have to study when exposed to many kinds of music: light music, their favorite music and even disfavored music.

As the same result, this study illustrated the information which was not regarded to the types of music. The subjects used in the test including Chemistry, Math, and Language could be inhibited by the soundtracks. As a consequence, the information would be difficult to recall if it occurred for a long period of time before. To reduce these negative effects, students should not listen to music while studying, it would be better if they learned in quiet.

Music in Classes

Nowadays, in various classes, teachers tend to play music while the students are doing their tasks. Even though the kinds of music in fluctuated, students sometimes do not like some of the music types. To be more exact, it becomes a distractor. It means that the music does not reach its purpose, even brings them difficulty in the task complement. This is the thing most of teachers should be aware of.

Listen To Music without Lyrics While Studying

It would be better if you listen to music without lyrics while studying. It will help us relax, ease our stress and more concentrate on our tasks compared with using the music includes lyrics. Everything has its benefits and drawbacks. By using it in right way, appropriate purpose will bring us abundant of accomplishments. Whether which types of music you select are, you should choose a high quality record to preform your songs. Looking at some record player reviews might be a great suggestion for that.

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